2016 U-pick season

We areSaskatoons planning to open U-pick Tuesday, July 19, 2016.  Saskatoons will be ready first, then raspberries will follow shortly afterward.  Watch this website or Facebook for details as things can change depending how much sun we get to help ripen things up.

Due to an early spring and several frosts during blossom, we have almost no cherries this year.  We also have about 1/5 of the saskatoon berries that we had last year.  We have 5 acres of saskatoons, so there will still be plenty for picking, thRaspberriesere just is less fruit per bush so it will be slower picking.  We’ve also had several significant hail storms so some of the saskatoons have some damage.  Raspberries however, are looking fabulous.  There are plenty of raspberries.  And all this glorious rain we’ve been having has been well timed, so we are looking forward to a great U-pick season!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


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