Opening Day Update

We will be opening on Tuesday, July 19th, however, we will be opening for raspberries rather than saskatoons.  Raspberries are ripening up nicely.  We are oopen 9am to 5pm Tues – Sun and we are cash only.

The saskatoons are not plentiful due to frost during blossom, and the little that is there is not ripe yet.  In the coming weeks once we’ve had some sun and the saskatoons ripen up, you are welcome to pick what little is there.  However, they are not of great quality due to hail damage, and it will be picking individual berries rather than clusters so it will be slow.

2 thoughts on “Opening Day Update

    • We are open 9am to 5pm Tuesday – Sunday. We are closed Mondays except for the August long weekend Monday. If you want to pick outside those hours we ask that you phone ahead and make an appointment. Thanks for your interest!

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