Closed for 2016 Season

We are closed for the 2016 picking season. Thank you to those who came to pick raspberries in our very abbreviated season. Sorry to all who were unable to get the fruit they wanted. Although it was such a bad season this year, we anticipate a bumper crop next year with all the vegetative growth the plants are getting this year. I hope you will remember us in the 2017 picking season. Until then, all the best to you and your family.

Saturday July 30th Picking

We had a great picking day today and are once again picked out. We have decided to do one final picking day on Saturday for those who can only come pick on weekends. We are being picked out by noon each day when we open, so we will be open from 9am until 12 noon on Saturday July 30th. We will be closed between now and then to allow enough fruit to ripen up for good picking on Saturday. That will be our final day of picking.

To Our Valued Customers:

It has not been a great season to be a fruit farmer.  We had frost during blossom that all but wiped out our cherries and saskatoons (the blossoms are what turn into the fruit).  We then had 4 hailstorms, including golf ball sized hail that broke windows and damaged the little fruit we had.  We opened for raspberries last Tuesday but we have already been picked out and are currently waiting for more fruit to ripen.  I know that many of you have been disappointed to not be able to get the fruit you want.  Weekends should be busy for us, but we cannot open this weekend with no fruit to pick.

We have made the following decision.  We will open on Tuesday July 26 for picking.  If there is enough fruit we will remain open on Wednesday July 27.  After that we will be closing early this season.  We simply do not have enough fruit this year to warrant remaining open.  We apologize for any inconvenience.  If you give us a call, email, or Facebook message letting me know what fruit you are looking for we would be happy to refer you to a nearby farm that has that fruit.  We have many wonderful colleagues and while some have also lost their entire crop this season, some have not and we can let you know where to go.  We do have some frozen saskatoons of good quality from last season.  We also have some pies, syrups and jams, so if you want to drop by for any of those between now and closing day next Tues or Wed let us know.

Farming is not easy.  However, there are upsides to this difficult season:

  • The plants putting little energy into fruit production this season means they are growing like mad. So barring strange weather again, there should be a bumper crop next season.
  • We have off-farm jobs. We still have a good income and we are blessed for that.
  • We are going to have an entire month to spend with our young children. We have never had that with U-pick often ending just before back to school.
  • We believe that growing food is important. We believe it is important that we feed our own population as much as possible.  A bad crop year does not change that belief, simply reminds us that diversity in farming is important.

Thank you for your patronage.  We do not take it for granted and we hope you will remember us next season.

Closed this weekend

We are still picked out of fruit. We need a few days for enough to ripen up to be worth opening up again. We still be CLOSED through the weekend and will OPEN AGAIN on Tuesday July 26th. That way the bushes should have plenty of red fruit and you will be able to get what you are coming here for. I am very sorry for those who work during the week and were planning to come this weekend. However, I don’t want you to travel here and be disappointed.

Opening Day Update

We will be opening on Tuesday, July 19th, however, we will be opening for raspberries rather than saskatoons.  Raspberries are ripening up nicely.  We are oopen 9am to 5pm Tues – Sun and we are cash only.

The saskatoons are not plentiful due to frost during blossom, and the little that is there is not ripe yet.  In the coming weeks once we’ve had some sun and the saskatoons ripen up, you are welcome to pick what little is there.  However, they are not of great quality due to hail damage, and it will be picking individual berries rather than clusters so it will be slow.

2016 U-pick season

We areSaskatoons planning to open U-pick Tuesday, July 19, 2016.  Saskatoons will be ready first, then raspberries will follow shortly afterward.  Watch this website or Facebook for details as things can change depending how much sun we get to help ripen things up.

Due to an early spring and several frosts during blossom, we have almost no cherries this year.  We also have about 1/5 of the saskatoon berries that we had last year.  We have 5 acres of saskatoons, so there will still be plenty for picking, thRaspberriesere just is less fruit per bush so it will be slower picking.  We’ve also had several significant hail storms so some of the saskatoons have some damage.  Raspberries however, are looking fabulous.  There are plenty of raspberries.  And all this glorious rain we’ve been having has been well timed, so we are looking forward to a great U-pick season!  We look forward to seeing you soon!


Gone to the Birds


Pepper & Berkeley

Spring 2016 seems to have gone to the birds.  We’ve gained a few baby chicks as well as a mating pair of Muscovy Ducks.  Muscovy’s are wonderful for pest control – they take care of mosquitos, flies, and mice.  They’d even take care of snakes and ticks if we had them (thank goodness we don’t!).  Tidus (the dog) isn’t quite sure whether to snack on all these additions or protect them, but he’s working on it.  The orchard is nearly in full bloom and we look forward to an early picking season this year.


Tidus examining new additions


New chicks