Our Philosophy

You may have noticed that farmers are getting a lot of questions about their practices as people become more interested in knowing where their food comes from.  This is a double edged sword.  It is vital that people take an interest in their food and do their best to buy from sources that treat animals and the land with respect.  However, I’m not convinced that many people are prepared to pay the price the food would cost if best practices were always followed.  Our low food costs is one of the reasons North America enjoys such high disposable income and incredible wealth.  When much of the world spends 25% – 48% of their income on food, and we spend only 9.1% (and only 6.8% in the USA) (http://wsm.wsu.edu/researcher/wsmaug11_billions.pdf).  We enjoy that extra wealth, but don’t understand, or in some cases are just beginning to understand, the cost of that cheap food.

So, below I will address a few current issues in farming practices and explain how we handle those here at Mountain View Berry Farm.  My goal is not that you agree with all our practices.  My goal is to let you know that we are thoughtful in the decisions we make.

Temporary Foreign Workers

This was a major bone of contention in Canada in recent years as the government ended, changed, and re-evaluated programs.  Lives of those who have settled into this country and contributed without complaining to some of our lowest paying jobs for years, have been discarded as if they were a commodity and not a human […]


We are frequently asked about the use of pesticides on our farm.  We have never sprayed our raspberries with anything.  We have however, lost significant crop due to pruning out large sections to eradicate disease.  If we were a raspberry farmer as our primary source of income, that would be unsustainable.  We have never sprayed […]

Ag Tourism

In order to make ends meet, more and more small U-pick farms are turning to entertainment as a way to bring in money.  When you come to Mountain View Berry Farm, you won’t find that we have spent incredible amounts of money to provide entertainment.  We just grow food.  We do it to the best […]