Ag Tourism

In order to make ends meet, more and more small U-pick farms are turning to entertainment as a way to bring in money.  When you come to Mountain View Berry Farm, you won’t find that we have spent incredible amounts of money to provide entertainment.  We just grow food.  We do it to the best of our ability in our off-work hours because we enjoy it and we believe it is important.  We are thrilled to answer questions – we are educators after all.  We are happy to have your kids check out our chickens, or see how a potato is grown if they’ve never seen that before.  We have a small play set for our kids that your kids are welcome to climb on (at their own risk).  However, we aren’t spending thousands creating an entertainment experience for you or your kids.  Sorry.  We love the farmers that do, and we even visit many of them ourselves.  It just isn’t who we are.  We just want to grow food.  It’s tasty.