Our goal is to provide high quality, delicious products that support local growers. We believe that fruit that is grown locally and ripened on the plant provides a superior product in both health benefits and taste. Products created with these berries are superior in every way.

We have a health-inspected, commerical kitchen on site where we process both our own fruit and that of other local growers. We make pies, jams, syrup, dessert topping, and pastries.

Our products can be purchased during U-pick season, or during the off season if you phone ahead. You can also visit us at the following Olds markets: the Summer Oldstice in June, the Harvest Festival in September, or the Christmas Market in November.

Looking for a unique wedding favour? What about using our sample size jams and syrups? You can even make your own label to personalize the jars for your special day.

Pies are available for sale to local restaurants and coffee shops. If you are in the food service industry and are seeking a local, high quality, delicious dessert to add to your menu, please contact us and we will work with you to meet your needs. We can also provide a dessert topping for use on cheesecakes, pastries, waffles, crisps and more.


Saskatoon pie


We have four flavours of pies – saskatoon, saskatoon-raspberry, saskatoon-rhubarb, and apple. We sell them frozen, ready to be baked when needed. Our saskatoon pies are incredibly flavourful, filled with berries, berries, and not too much else! Our apple pies are made with local crab apples, that are hand picked and hand cut. We supply […]


Pastries  Our delicate puff pastry is made by hand here on the farm.  Flaky pastries are filled with a cream cheese filling and topped with our saskatoon dessert topping.  They are melt in your mouth incredible!    

Dessert Topping

Our dessert toppings come in 750mL jars (or 2L frozen pails for larger orders). They are delicious on top of ice cream, waffles and cheesecake, or in a crisp, pie, or pastry.  We currently offer saskatoon and saskatoon-raspberry varieties.


Our Saskatoon and Saskatoon-Raspberry Syrups are delicious! They are made with much less sugar than traditional all-sugar syrups and have a strong, sweet flavour. My favourite way to use them: French Toast (made with light rye bread of course), topped with French Vanilla yogurt, fresh strawberries, and drizzled with our syrup. Incredible flavour!


We have reworked our jams to have a new low-sugar recipe! They taste like fresh fruit on toast instead of sugar on toast! They are amazing! Most jams have between 50% and 60% sugar, in addition to the sugar in the pectin. Our new jams offer less than 15% sugar, with no additional sugar in […]

Gift Boxes

We have 2 sizes of gift boxes that allow you to mix and match flavours.  Our larger gift box holds 1 full sized syrup (355 mL) and 2 full sized jams (250 mL each) for $27.  Our second gift box holds 3 jars (125 mL each) that can be a mix of syrups and jams.  […]